St Kilda Census 1911

St Kilda census

Inhabitants of St Kilda in the 1911 Census. The crowded households in Main Street numbers 1-6 show how unhealthy and inadequate the islanders’ houses were. Most adults worked their crofts, spun and wove wool, or fished. A few of the inhabitants listed here, eg nos 4-7, 26-28, were among those evacuated in 1930.

The Census recorded a total population of 80, up by three from 1901. Taking the census was a challenge because the irregular calls at St Kilda by fishing boats were unreliable, and the summer visits by passenger ships were too brief and anyhow had not yet started. As for previous censuses, the Admiralty helped out. On 19 April HMS 'Pathfinder' landed the enumerator on St Kilda and delivered the first mail since late January. The census enumeration thus took place almost three weeks later than elsewhere in Scotland

Source ref: Registrar General for Scotland, St Kilda Census 1911, 111/04 001/00 002

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