Effie (Eupham) McCrimon

           Effie McCrimon

Effie (Eupham) McCrimon, ‘a reverend St Kildean spinster of 80’, in 1860. The daughter of Donald McCrimmon and Kate McKinnon, she is believed to have lived by herself in a black house near the factor’s house (ref. W on the RCAHMS survey, 1988). She died in 1869 aged 88.

Effie was one of the inhabitants of St Kilda photographed in 1860 by Captain F W L Thomas RN, commander of HMS Porcupine. His remarkable photographs record about half of the 78 or so St Kildans. In 1852 the population had dropped suddenly from its historic level of 100 – 110, when eight families, totalling 36 people, emigrated to Australia.

Source ref: National Records of Scotland, Papers of Sir Arthur Mitchell, GD492/12, no. 6, courtesy of the Society of Writers to H M Signet

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