Rani ki Vav
Gujarat, India

Rani ki Vav (The Queen's Stepwell) is a wonderful example of a Royal Step Well near Patan, Gujarat, which was built between 1022-1063 AD. The site was only re-discovered in the 1950s as it’s many levels had been backfilled with silt over the centuries. As a result the ornate carvings are excellently preserved. It has many unique features which have rendered it one of the most important step wells in India.

Rani ki Vav was scanned over a two week period in 2011 by the Scottish Ten team and colleagues from CyArk and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

View the completed 3D animation of Rani ki Vav. Also available with Gujarati and Hindi subtitles.

Rani ki Vav


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Group of people at the Stepwell

The Scottish Ten

''Rani Ki Vav is a truly spectacular site and I am very proud that Scotland is able to provide the expertise to ensure that its fully breathtaking beauty is captured in its entirety and conserved for future generations.''

Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond